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Jason Redman Interview YouTube play

I had the privilege and true honor of interviewing Jason Redman. Jason Redman is a former Navy SEAL, Purple Heart Medal recipient and all around passionate guy about the importance of preparation, planning, and executing strategy in life and in our investments.

We also discuss his non-profit Combat Wounded Coalition efforts, his book: The Trident and his strategies for investing in hard, physical assets like Gold and Silver. Enjoy.







Perhaps you’ve heard of the old phrase “gone in a blink of an eye.” That’s exactly what many well known and respected economists are saying right now when it comes to silver prices and the expectation that prices could dramatically increase.

The reasons to justify this predication are many even though no one knows what will be the determinant catalyst that will lead to this explosive growth in the acquisition of silver. Whether it is higher inflation,  increased demand or the 19 trillion dollar debt crisis that looms over our country, economists believe these and other factors will lead to a skyrocketing interest in silver.

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Scott Carter

Scott Carter is the CEO of PM Capital and a leading voice in the precious metals industry. Under Scott’s leadership, PM Capital has become a leader in the precious metal industry.

Scott Carter is a trusted regular commentator on national news and financial media outlets when gold, global currencies and the markets are being discussed and he is a sought-after keynote speaker at large investment conferences around the nation.

Scott has taught thousands how to protect their hard earned saving’s and retirement in volatile economic times. Scott is the Host of "Money FAQS" and he writes many articles that help investors understand how to strategically diversify their portfolios to protect their wealth.

Find out how you can build a solid retirement and navigate your investments during these uncertain financial and geopolitical times. Call PM Capital at 1-800-599-8391 to speak with Scott or other knowledgeable team members.